Monday, February 22, 2010

I forgot a couple of things...

I forgot a couple of things in my last post:

-First, one of the cool things about watching curling live is you get to see stuff that they don't show on tv. Like John Shuster and Kevin Martin having some friendly chatting at the beginning of an end, especially when it was looking like the US would lose. And seeing how perfect the ice is...I really want to throw one stone on it!

-We had an improptu SFBACC meetup when we ran into Loreen (the honorary US skip) and Bryan, and Pam and Ron. It was nice to see some familiar faces!

-If you're watching it on tv tonight, look for us with the California flag. We brought it randomly since there aren't any Californians in the tournament, but maybe we'll attract the tv camera because we are so random!


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