Monday, February 22, 2010

Our First Olympic Curling Match (Patrick & Matthew - 02-22-10)

Our Olympic experience has begun! We just got in yesterday, walked our town a bit which was a-buzz with the Canada-US hockey game, and feeling the Olympic excitement. This morning, we were able to pick up tickets to the Canada-US mens curling match and it was a lot of fun! Canada started out a bit slow so the US kept it close through 5 ends, but after a couple of US misses (and bad calls IMHO) and nice Canadian shots, the US found themselves behind and unable to mount a comeback. Sadly, it does seem the Americans are outmatched in this tournament there probably won't be another Olympic medal for Shuster this year.

But the curling venue is great, it seems like every seat has a good view, and people are very into it (and of course very partisan toward Canada). Tonight we have US vs. China tickets and Canada is not playing so it should be interesting to see how lively the crowd will be.

Finally, I need to express my displeasure of the USOC's organization at this Olympics. Most of the big Winter Olympics countries have these "Houses" where they have entertainment, sometimes food and drink, and shopping open to the public. So we tried to look for the USA House and found out that it's not open to the public, but they have a Team USA store. That's fine, we would like to get some Team USA stuff for when we go to the events. So we walk down there and find out that not even the Store is open to the public. It's only open to the athletes, their families, and sponsors. Way to go exclusionary and elitist as always. We'll hang out in the Canadian Houses, or maybe the German House...we hear they have good food there!


P.S. We'll post pics when we get back, we don't have USB connector for the camera here.

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