Monday, February 15, 2010

(Thomas Vogelsang, Monday 2/15) Looks like I am the first contributor. As you all know there is no Curling before tomorrow, but I have been up in Vancouver at the past weekend anyway to watch the Opening Ceremony on Friday and Biathlon on Saturday. The Opening Ceremony was absolutely phantastic. I am sure many of you saw it on TV but being there is so much more - to have the experience of being in the audience, not to have to suffer through commercials and the comments of the TV moderator.
My seat was just right (from my point of view) of the place where the snowboarder jumped out in the beginning.
Five seconds to go

Canada entering the stadium

The fiddler in the canoe

Aerial ballet

The flame is lit

Have fun,. I will post Biathlon pictures later this week and I will be back in Vancouver on the coming weekend for Curling and Hockey.

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