Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olympic Curling at it's Best!

Just a quick post...I just got back from hanging out at the Vancouver Curling Club. This morning we watched the Women's semi-finals where Canada won an exciting match over Switzerland, then decided to check out the curling club. It was way crowded and took like 30 mins to get in but it was all worth it. First, while we were waiting downstairs for space in the bar, Debbie McCormick was milling around so we got a quick picture with her. Then, after we finally got settled in upstairs at the bar, look who shows up but the WHOLE Canadian Women's team, Cheryl Bernard and everyone! Snapped a couple of pics and Matthew got his ticket autographed by the entire team, but it was just awesome hanging out at the curling club with possible Olympic Gold Medalists!

More to come...


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